The Elements of Summer Collection is all about the details that define summer.
When I started this collection I realized I didn’t have a set part of summer I wanted to isolate. I mean summer was cancelled last year sooo. I am going to need everything summer has to offer this year.

To me summer is the beach and the shells my daughter and I collect. Its drinks on the patio with good friends or time alone in the night summer breeze.
Its fresh fruit and stickiness. Its salty and sun. Fun and freeing. It’s a time to tell strangers how much you love their tattoo that by choice of placement one can only see in the summer.

Summer is colorful and vibrant. Streets filled with humans sporting color and shades. It’s about golden sunsets and abstract patterns people would dare to wear. Open backs. Golden melanin and adorning tans.

This is what this collection represents a collective vibe of all we know to love about summer- the ocean, nature, fresh fruit, vivid colors, and no particular reason needed to celebrate life.

So I desired to give my Matties exquisite pieces to celebrate the “Elements of Summer”